Application Maintenance & Support

Applications provide the backbone for many of your business initiatives. Having a partner that can maintain your existing applications allows your internal group to shift focus to strategic and forward-looking IT initiatives.  After all, the maintenance of your application is about business - not just technology. The decision of how you preserve the integrity of core business applications, manage changes in infrastructure, and improve operational costs is an essential step in the application management lifecycle.

Prolifics, working with its offshore partner, has a strong knowledge base and outstanding track record in helping organizations effectively build and maintain their IBM WebSphere or Prolifics JAM/Panther business applications.

Prolifics offers the following Application Maintenance services:

  • Feature Enhancements - Implement new features to your existing application without affecting the reliability or functionality of your business logic. Easy adaptability to changing business demands is a high value to pass on to your end users.
  • Bug Fixes - Keeping the vitality and success of an application and resolving known issues helps provide confidence in your organization’s core business initiatives.
  • End User Help Desk - Prolifics will provide a Help Desk staffed with trained professionals to support the end-users of your system. Prolifics can offer both 1st and 2nd line support and detailed technical assistance, answer questions and manage the resolution of problems.
  • Quality Assurance Testing - Quality assurance is crucial to delivering high-quality and highly usable applications. Prolifics offers functional, regression and performance testing of applications to determine if it meets requirements and a level of acceptance before general availability.
  • Management of Source Code - Manage the platform-specific applications and  their source code, placing them under version control in order to track modifications related to new fixes or enhancements.
  • Platform Ports - Porting an application from one platform to another may be necessary to accommodate the ever-changing technology and architectural standards. Facilitating platform ports may involve adapting code to work on complex target platforms.