BPM - Business Process Management &
BRMS - Business Rules Management System

In today's dynamic business environment, the success of a business depends on its ability to adapt to shifts in the market and meet changing customer demands quickly and efficiently. This level of agility requires direct control over operational processes as well as the power to continuously make improvements.  Business Process Management (BPM) is an approach that is designed to produce better processes and provide complete visibility into an organization. By allowing users to discover, document, automate and improve business processes, BPM increases efficiency and reduces costs while achieving greater levels of growth and productivity.

Winner of several BPM awards, including IBM's Outstanding Business Agility Solution Award, Prolifics leverages decades of experience and leading IBM technologies to ensure that companies get the right start with BPM and successfully extend initiatives across their enterprise. Prolifics' BPM solutions transform rigid, independent processes into flexible, choreographed business services that work together to deliver business value. Our BPM experts work closely with organizations to evaluate their business goals and strategic vision and create a process improvement roadmap that is unique to their specific needs.

  • BPM Advisory Services - Prolifics' BPM Advisory services help guide, coach and equip organizations to succeed in improving their business processes and expanding their BPM initiatives. Our BPM experts will work with you to identify and define your business rules as well as help assess your process maturity in order to determine the next steps in your BPM strategy. Prolifics' BPM Advisory Services enable organizations to establish KPIs for process performance, gain visibility into business processes and identify bottlenecks, and build a BPM Center of Excellence. Read how our BPM Advisory experts have helped a variety of leading organizations in this solution showcase.
  • Business Process Optimization - Our services are designed to ensure that your business processes are optimized and aligned with your organization's objectives. By focusing on repeatability and business agility, Prolifics enables a company to continuously transform in order to achieve critical business goals and quickly respond in an increasingly changing market. By leveraging leading IBM BPM technologies, Prolifics provides new and innovative ways of measuring, achieving and sustaining business performance.
  • Decision Management - Prolifics enables organizations to automate, optimize and govern repeatable business decisions that control critical business systems. Leveraging a market-leading business rules and events management platform, Prolifics helps organizations across all industries improve the way they handle thousands or even millions of interactions each day, and do so quickly and precisely. With effective decision management governed by next generation rules, organizations are able to accelerate the implementation of changes to meet evolving market, regulatory or competitive conditions as well as significantly improve customer satisfaction, revenues and profitability.
  • Case Management - Uniting information, processes and people allows you to gain a comprehensive view of your cases. Prolifics' integrated approach to case management helps organizations handle growing and increasingly complex caseloads, increase productivity and make more informed and faster decisions. With advanced case management in place, organizations gain the collaboration and responsiveness required to meet changing industry regulations and market demands.

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