Application Outsourcing

Outsource Application Development Effort While Keeping Control

As organizations need more services from their IT departments, outsourcing application development and application maintenance not only cuts costs but also allows IT to focus on strategic tasks.

Choose an award-winning team. Prolifics has been the winner of many IBM awards, winning the award for Overall Technical Excellence two years in a row. When you choose Prolifics as your technology partner, you get the benefit of our 30+ years of experience of building quality software solutions.

Let IT focus on strategic initiatives. As organizations need more services from their IT departments, outsourcing application development and support frees the IT team to focus on core competencies when projects require skills that are overtaxed or not available in-house or that do not require a full-time resource.

Augment your team with highly skilled resources. Typically, your application outsourcing vendors can supply you with commodity skills, such as J2EE developers, but we can offer you the full spectrum of high-value and generalized IT roles—including project managers, technical advisors, application architects, technology specialists, administrators, as well as junior and senior developers.

Benefit from our “blended shore” model. Prolifics, in conjunction with its sister company SemanticSpace Technologies, offers companies a cost competitive offshore strategy using a “blended shore” model that combines local and remote project teams. With the “blended shore” model providing you a local team to manage and coordinate with your offshore team, you have the necessary team structure to ensure project success.

Keep visibility into your project. In our experience, keeping the customer closely in touch with the project team’s plans and work products ensures that we are focusing on the things that the customer cares about most, and we are delivering those to the customer’s needs. Our team uses collaborative tools that provide the customer with a web-based window into the project’s activities – allowing our customers to keep an eye on progress against the deliverables and interact directly with the development team.

Retain control of your source code. Our teams deliver more than just source code and executables. We are able to also deliver a wealth of project data including configuration data as well as solutions captured during the project execution. This ensures you are in possession of the full set of valuable assets that get generated during the project lifecycle.

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