Business Process Re-engineering

In today’s business climate, business executives are asking themselves the following questions:

  • Are my business processes as tight as they could be?
  • Has a merger or acquisition resulted in redundant business processes?
  • How well does my company adapt to change?
  • How does our performance compare to others?
  • Can we increase customer satisfaction?

Business process re-engineering allows you to optimize your business processes in order to be more efficient, streamline your business, and monitor your key performance indicators.

Prolifics’ consulting experts in business process management and business activity monitoring can help you:

  • Analyze your existing business rules and processes.
  • Identify areas needing optimization.
  • Create and simulate different modeling scenarios.
  • Automate processes that were performed manually.
  • Implement a workflow that ties together human tasks and automation.
  • Monitor real-time to address potential problems and bottlenecks.
  • Determine if additional changes are needed to the business process.
  • Implement a Business Process Management Center of Excellence.

BPM Center of Excellence

A Business Process Management (BPM) Center of Excellence (CoE) can provide a governance structure for the successful execution of BPM projects as well as leveraging process improvement expertise and technology to automate processes, deliver and maintain solutions, monitor deployments and provide reporting for the organization.

BPM Center of Excellence Brochure
Business Process Manager Webinar