IT Solutions for the Energy & Utilities Industries

Whether to “keep the lights on” or “get a drink of water” Prolifics has helped corporations in the energy & utilities industries such as Southside Electric Cooperative, Duke Energy and Aqua America to improve operations, reliability and customer service while facing external pressures such as rising energy costs.

Prolifics has delivered integrated SOA portal, and security solutions to provide utility employees with accurate and consistent information, enabling them to dispatch service units more quickly and efficiently, and better serve customers. Information gathered from the field can be updated across systems in real time, eliminating the manual data-transfer processes that could impede growth and customer service.

Using SOA technology, one utility was able to implement a mobile workforce management system that lets crews track service orders, fill out time sheets, locate other co-op vehicles and review service orders, all from their trucks.

Security initiatives can help manage user access and accounts, provide necessary reporting for regulatory compliance, and implement secure single sign-on to needed systems.

“Our SOA implementation is the single most important business improvement we have worked on in the 20 years I have been here.”
- Linda Davis, Information Systems Supervisor, Southside Electric Cooperative

Security & Compliance for Energy & Utility
SOA, Portal & Security Solutions by Prolifics