IBM Connections for Social Business and Collaboration

IBM Connections can help you become a social business with tools and activities that enable collaboration and foster innovation. Features include:

  • Home Page – Customize your home page to collect the social data that’s important to you and post your status for other participants.
  • Profiles – Detailed personal profiles allow you to find the expertise throughout your organization.
  • Communities – Work together with people who have common interests.
  • Blogs – Present your ideas and receive feedback.
  • Bookmarks – Share links to useful Web-based content.
  • Activities – View, manage and complete tasks with your teams by sharing assignments, documents and content.
  • Wikis – Create and share content with your teams.
  • Forums – Create an online discussion board where people can ask questions and share their experiences.
  • Files – Share documents, presentations and other files with your colleagues reducing email overload.
  • Secure platform – Deploy your social business tools behind your firewall.

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