InterChange Server to WebSphere Process Server Migrations

Are you interested in migrating from IBM® WebSphere® InterChange Server (ICS) to IBM® WebSphere® Process Server (WPS)?

Today, newer standards and a drive towards SOA are leading organizations to choose WebSphere Process Server - consisting of WebSphere Application Server, a core set of services to support SOA and rich set of supporting services for process automation. With continued functionality improvements to WebSphere Process Server over ICS, this is an ideal time to determine your long term goals and map out future technology plans.

Migrating to WebSphere Process Server:

  • Enhances your integration solution with new features available in WebSphere Process Server, gaining business process flexibility.
  • Increases your business process capabilities to include human workflow tasks.
  • Moves you from a hub-and-spoke to an ESB infrastructure.
  • Gives you a standards-based business integration strategy.

Call in the experts! Prolifics is experienced in conducting InterChange Server (ICS) to WebSphere Process Server (WPS) migrations.  Having skills in both ICS and Process Server technologies, Prolifics consultants are armed with a knowledgebase of known compatibility issues and functional differences between ICS and Process Server.  In fact, our consultants created an ICS to WPS accelerator tool which expedites the migration process, providing additional savings to our customers.  Rather than utilizing your staff on this one-time-only effort and building up skills they will never require again, leverage expert consultants with experience, tools and a methodology that avoids unnecessary risk, time, effort and cost. 

Call now to schedule a FREE Discovery Call that will discuss your migration requirements and help you understand your next steps.

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