Information Server Consulting Services

Data is one of an organization’s most important assets, and organizations need to get that data to the right people or processes at the right time. Using IBM Information Server, including most notably WebSphere DataStage, Prolifics can help you cleanse and transform data to reach the quality required for compliance, risk assessment, analytics and mass data integration.

Prolifics’ certified information architects utilize the following components of IBM Information Server to help organizations derive value from data spread across disparate systems:

  • WebSphere DataStage: Integrate and transform large volumes of data used in complex transactions. New applications or regulatory compliance efforts often need data to be combined or restructured in new ways.
  • WebSphere QualityStage: Correct and improve the quality of your data when the lack of data standards and consistency in your data sources is an issue, and you find that you have different data values for the same business entity.
  • WebSphere Information Analyzer: Analyze and understand your source data structures, and monitor their adherence to integration and quality standards. Reports provide column and table analysis and outline relationships and dependencies in your data structures. By using WebSphere Information Analyzer during the design stage of your project, you discover data issues early in the project cycle.
  • WebSphere Business Glossary: Provide a business context for your data objects, allowing your IT and business teams to collaborate. This Web-based tool allows your business users and subject matter experts to specify how the data is defined and used, promoting data governance.
  • WebSphere Federation Server: Access multiple data and content sources (including unstructured and XML data) in real time as if they were a single source. This ability to provide real time, up-to-the-minute access gives you the data you need for business processes and decisions.