Integration Approach

Specializing in expert integration of core enterprise applications, Prolifics’ Integration Approach is a very fine-tuned and effective methodology that enables customers to leverage current IT investments while transforming their business into an open and adaptable e-infrastructure. Integration is not only vital but also necessary in every organization, large or small. By leveraging the intellectual capital that you own and have already invested in you are increasing productivity and reducing costs, ultimately increasing the value of your previous IT infrastructure choices.

"Approximately 80% of organizations will seek to integrate legacy applications as a cost-effective approach to creating integrated workflow systems" - Gartner Group.

The Prolifics Integration Approach is neither top-down, nor bottom-up. Our methodology starts at the core of your business, discovering your business services and applications while building up the functional and technical specifications. We then build an Enterprise Repository that inventories these services, modeling them in a format that is directly testable. The Enterprise Repository, based on Web services and SOA, is open and flexible, positioning your systems for true interoperability and with an eye toward future growth and expansion. This critical step is the stepping stone to the project, immediately enabling the business sponsor to review the functionality and progress, the portal or commerce designer to build the web forms without needing to write the integration code or be dependant on another team member, and the integration developer to code the connections to the back end systems and the functional logic. Each member of the project team becomes independent and instantly productive, leading to an overall cost reduction for the project.