JAM, a cross-platform tool for building client/server applications, has the unique ability to help develop complex applications with small amounts of custom coding. JAM applications can run unmodified on a diverse array of platforms and operating environments including MS Windows, MS DOS, HP HP-UX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, DEC UNIX, SCO OpenServer and Compaq/DEC OpenVMS. JAM also integrates seamlessly with the most popular relational databases, while providing transparent access to legacy systems via DRDA and ODBC.

  • If you have an existing JAM application that you want to update or integrate with other enterprise assets, contact the Prolifics Consulting Division.

Typically large client/server applications must integrate heterogeneous environments, with diverse databases, hardware platforms and presentation environments. To succeed, you need tools that enable rapid development of the less demanding application components, yet permit a high degree of customization and control in the most complex and performance-critical areas. JAM excels at meeting these demanding and potentially conflicting requirements.

With its Visual Object Repository, Transaction Manager and Auto SQL Generator, JAM also makes it easy to build simple applications. As complexity increases, however, the ease with which you can customize JAM's processing or attach your own functions pays dramatic dividends in increased productivity.

JAM features include:

  • visual object repository
  • screen wizards
  • graphical editor
  • database import utility
  • robust database access
  • transaction manager
  • application debugger
  • advanced reporting support
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