Optim Consulting Services for Integrated Data Management

IBM Optim provides an integrated, modular environment to design, develop, deploy, operate, optimize and govern enterprise data throughout its lifecycle.  The Optim portfolio of products provide solutions for:

  • Protecting Data Privacy - Simply mask or transform personal client information for use in application testing.
  • Managing Data Growth - The amount of business data is growing not only from the increase in the number of business transactions but also from the amount of data stored about each customer.  Optim's archiving capabilities allow you to store historical data effectively, thereby reducing the size of your production database and allowing it to run more efficiently.
  • Streamlining Test Data - Streamline your processes around creating and managing your test environments which can help accelerate application deployment.
  • Managing Application Retirement - When the maintenance costs of an older application outweigh its benefits, Optim can help store the data.
  • Managing Retention and E-Discovery - Respond to audit requests with archived sets of application transaction records.

The IBM Optim suite of products includes:

  • Optim Performance Manager - Identify, diagnose, fix and prevent performance issues in the database, application or environment.  This product can integrate with Tivoli monitoring solutions to provide a complete performance solution.
  • Optim Test Data Management - Administer your test data effectively with "right-size" test databases that cover the end-to-end business processes within the application. 
  • Optim Development Studio and Optim pureQuery Runtime  - Improve development productivity by providing an optimal environment for developing and testing SQL and XQuery queries, stored procedures, Web services, and Java data access layers.
  • Optim Query Tuner - Analyze database queries for optimization.
  • Optim Database Relationship Analyzer - Analyze and manage your database relationships across applications allowing you to see the impact of database schema changes as well as discover database relationships based on your parameters.
  • Optim Database Administrator - Model, automate and implement complex database schema changes and provide reports on database changes for auditing purposes.