Progressions™ is a total solution that modernizes your existing enterprise systems -- replacing core legacy applications with an e-business infrastructure, without requiring a rewrite of the application. It fully migrates the application’s middleware foundation from BEA Tuxedo® to IBM WebSphere®, while preserving the application code.

With Progressions you have:

  • An Affordable Migration
  • A Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • A Foundation for Growth

From portal to commerce to self-service to supply chain, IBM WebSphere is ideal for customers that need to deploy highly transactional, available and scalable applications that offer security and ease of administration WebSphere enables flexibility and growth toward Web services, portals, voice enablement and wireless capabilities.

The Progressions Solution, a combination of technology and expert services to perform the migration, meets the key requirements of a successful application migration including equivalent functionality, reduced TCO, equivalent or improved end-users’ experience, reliability, performance, openness and growth potential.