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  • Digital Experience

    Digital Experience Solutions

    Prolifics specializes in creating and delivering multi-channel digital experiences that provide rich and robust online experiences through multiple channels and devices.

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  • Testing

    Business Intelligence Testing Services

    Organizations rely on Business Intelligence (BI) systems to provide accurate, consistent and reliable data to inform decision making. Prolifics BI testing services increase system quality, mitigate risks and improve performance.

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  • Cloud

    PureApplication System Solutions

    IBM PureApplication System simplifies your IT infrastructure by providing an integrated, standarized cloud application platform with built-in patterns and expertise to automate tasks.

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  • Mortgage

    Technology Solutions for the Mortgage Industry

    Prolifics' technology specialists can implement solutions across all mortgage banking platforms that enable your organization to meet your objectives while reducing cost and improving efficiency.

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  • Testing

    Performance Testing Services

    Peak performance of applications and systems is crucial to business success today, but can often be challenging to achieve and maintain. Prolifics helps organizations proactively test speed, capacity, scalability and stability.

  • Testing

    SOA & Middleware Testing Services

    Organizations are transforming they IT infrastructure with service-oriented architecture (SOA) and middleware. Prolifics offers testing services to help ensure the quality and performance of these critical architecture layers.