Your technology is the meat and potatoes of your company, so how do you get it to market as quickly as possible while keeping costs under control? With Prolifics as your technology partner, your organization is able to minimize risk in complex software deployment, speed up time-to-market delivery of IT assets, and increase the success of business strategy execution.

Prolifics can assist in the following ways:

  • Provide strategic guidance on how to structure the optimal development team and development processes
  • Recommend tooling for the full project lifecycle from requirements gathering to automated deployment management
  • Application monitoring software and services to optimize performance and identify bottlenecks
  • Migration assistance to support multiple application servers with a single code base –reaching a wide customer audience
  • Provide project management, technical leadership, architecture and advisory services
  • Augment your team with a blend of local and offshore resources with a cost structure that stays within your budget

And in today’s market our technology customers find it critical to provide the next generation of customer service. Prolifics has helped many of its clients deliver self-service portals and ASP-based applications – often with customizations and branding unique to the end customer.

Technical Excellence Award