Tivoli Monitoring

If you are experiencing application performance problems or failures, Prolifics can help you to identify and diagnose the source of the problem, and make the appropriate changes to improve the bottlenecks.

By using the IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM) product suite, Prolifics’ certified experts can pinpoint bottlenecks and troubleshoot performance problems which helps improve application availability and performance by providing deep-dive real-time problem detection, analysis and repair. Diagnostics at the method level can pinpoint code problems, which can help an architect or developer. Service Level Agreements can be maintained easily with tools to help you determine service level baselines and alert you as problems are developing.

The key benefit realized by ITCAM customers is the shorter time needed to find and fix problems. This means that your application development experts can spend more time building and deploying new applications instead of working on ones already in production.

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