Web Content Management Migrations

With so many Web outlets -- Internet, intranet, and extranets -- companies are challenged to publish all the necessary content and keep it up-to-date.

By choosing IBM Lotus Web Content Management, organizations have a solution that closely integrates with their IBM WebSphere Portal system. Since it differentiates between the Web page content and its presentation, no specialized programming knowledge is required which expands your Web site authoring community. End users can easily create and publish content and even personalize it for the target audience.  You can implement workflows to ensure that content is reviewed before it goes live and is removed once it has expired.

Prolifics has expertise in both integrating with Web content management systems like Vignette, Stellent and Documentum and migrating customers to IBM Lotus Web Content Management.

Whether in an advisory role or conducting the entire migration, Prolifics can provide your organization with highly skilled certified consultants who have deep technical knowledge and proven and practical experience.

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