WebSphere ESB and Message Broker Consulting Services

IBM WebSphere Message Broker with its advanced ESB capabilities offers transport options that extend the reach, scope and scale of enterprise integration, which helps enable secure and seamless interaction of applications, remote and mobile devices, and thousands of users -- within the Intranet and across the Internet.

Prolifics’ certified WebSphere Message Broker developers will help you implement a broker-based application that distributes and transforms real-time information and establishes end-to-end communications using different message structures and formats.

With its ability to perform operations depending on message content, WebSphere Message Broker is a natural extension to WebSphere MQ, but Message Broker can also process messages from other sources, such as JMS providers, HTTP calls, or reading data from files.

Call in the experts! Having won the IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding SOA Solution and the IMPACT Award for Best SOA Process Solution, Prolifics is the company to engage on your SOA projects.


"When GE Commercial Finance launched a project to relocate a set of critical interfaces into IBM Message Broker under a daunting timeline, GE chose Prolifics as their technology partner. During the project, the Prolifics team demonstrated that their reputation and awards for technical proficiency and dedication are well deserved. They have put in a substantial effort to make our project a great success."

— William Huertas, Capital Solutions & Enterprise Architecture, GE

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