Mobile Applications with IBM Worklight

As the number of customers, employees and business partners using mobile devices increases, more and more of your application landscape needs to be available on a variety of mobile platforms. IBM Worklight simplifies your mobility initiatives by providing a flexible platform for the development and management of mobile applications.

IBM Worklight includes the following components:

  • IBM Worklight Studio – an integrated development environment for developing HTML5, hybrid and native mobile applications. Its optimization framework allows developers to share the majority of application code across multiple environments -- keeping the application logic consistent -- irrespective of the device. Environment-specific code can further augment or replace the commonly shared code, insuring that the application behavior adheres to user expectations and the device’s unique design specifications.
  • IBM Worklight Server – a gateway between applications, back-end systems and cloud services that optimizes content for mobile delivery and consumption and provides security features to help protect sensitive data in transit and at rest.
  • IBM Worklight Device Runtime Components – mobile device implementations of the server’s accessibility and security functions.
  • IBM Worklight Console – a centralized, web-based administrative interface where you can monitor and control access to backend systems by applications and devices, manage application versions and obtain usage and event reports.

In addition, its compatibility with Rational Team Concert gives you support throughout the application lifecycle -- through testing, build and deployment.

Prolifics is an IBM Business Partner that specializes in IBM Worklight implementations. Let us show you how a mobile strategy based on IBM Worklight can quickly extend the reach of your applications to your growing mobile audience.

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