To remain competitive, the standardization and integration of your enterprise applications is about business - not just technology. XMLink™, Prolifics’ JEE 6-compliant connector, is designed to quickly move businesses out of technological isolation without tremendous cost, risk, or re-engineering to existing enterprise systems. In this era of enterprise system development, companies are facing a similar set of goals:

  • To integrate disparate processes using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • To share data among applications
  • To move to market faster
  • To reduce costs

Faced with these demands, companies are choosing to integrate their legacy systems into their SOA-based business model, rather than re-engineer them. XMLink from Prolifics provides a quick path to leading-edge technology, migrating systems to Java, XML, and Web services architectures. XMLink removes a lot of the risk by leveraging existing BEA Tuxedo services. "What’s best is the low cost of ownership - resulting in greater profit, lower risk, and faster deployment," said Robin Ventura, Consulting Unit Director of Aurora Systems.

XMLink provides J2EE developers access to services developed as part of a BEA Tuxedo application. XMLink gives you easy access to legacy Tuxedo systems without having to master the details of Tuxedo's client API. Using XML as the standard interface, you can leverage your deployed infrastructures, opening applications up to any client such as email or HTML. XMLink also provides close integration with Java Integrated Development Environments (IDE) including Eclipse, the open source development framework which is used in IBM's Rational Application Developer (RAD).

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XMLink features include:

  • Standards-based Integration
  • Compliance with JCA 1.5 Specification
  • J2EE Common Client Interface (CCI)
  • SOAP-compliant, XML Interface for Open Client Support
  • Robust Tuxedo Access via J2EE or ESB
  • Multi-threading Support

For more information:

Read Prolifics's white paper, XMLink: Integrating enterprise systems for e-business, at IBM's Developer Works website.