XMLink Universal Gateway

Valuable legacy systems exist in practically all enterprises and are vital in a company’s business and IT planning processes. How can enterprises capture a return on existing BEA Tuxedo® investments while improving business applications and successfully managing risk? Prolifics’ XMLink™ and the XMLink Universal Gateway™ together provide the most practical approach to integrating vital business services, enabling organizations to transform and extend core applications.

Prolifics’ XMLink Universal Gateway is designed to allow BEA Tuxedo applications access to business services made available from IBM WebSphere® and IBM WebSphere MQ. And best of all the technology accomplishes this without having to change the Tuxedo programming paradigm or constrain WebSphere architects.

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The XMLink Universal Gateway is comprised of 4 major components. The beauty of these components is the pluggable design that enables a future transition to new data formats and transport protocols required for connecting any enterprise system with enterprise system. On the Tuxedo Server, XMLink Universal Gateway is provided with a XMLink Universal Gateway Tuxedo Server, a Data Translation layer, and a Delivery Agent. On the IBM WebSphere Server, we provide an XMLink Universal Gateway Adapter EJB. These components provide the interchange between Tuxedo services for integration with other EIS’s or translation to additional data formats.

The XMLink Universal Gateway is provided standalone for connectivity from BEA Tuxedo to IBM WebSphere, or as a natural add-on to XMLink to provide bi-directional support between the two middleware systems. Therefore, XMLink Universal Gateway allows BEA Tuxedo and IBM WebSphere applications to be fully interoperable with each other, as well as gain access to other enterprise environments such as .NET. Together, XMLink and XMLink Universal Gateway provide the best open standards-based integration solution offering for enterprise BEA Tuxedo enterprise services to any Enterprise Information System (EIS). With the XMLink Universal Gateway enterprise systems can:

  • Map BEA Tuxedo services to J2EE-based services and provide bi-directional support within the two technologies
  • Maintain the existing BEA Tuxedo programming paradigm
  • Support open, standards-based integration for accessing enterprise services from BEA Tuxedo applications
  • Benefit from a fully native BEA Tuxedo server for a scalable architecture
  • Read the press release about how XMLink Universal Gateway allows open, standards-based integration for accessing enterprise services from BEA Tuxedo applications.